Letters to the Church

A selection of letters by Lead Pastor, Sam Pepper for the church.

2018 Highlights

Dear Church,

Those of you who have been worshipping with us for the last year are aware that the church faced big challenges in the first half of 2018. While we still face great challenges, 2018 ended with so many positives. God is faithful.

First, my family was honored to have received a vote of 98% approval in becoming your pastor. While this move has been a challenge for us in many ways, God has blessed us with such an encouraging church. We are privileged to be here and serve with you. Thank you!
Second, in the latter half of 2018 Adventure had approximately 100 first time guests. This is great news! Our attractive campus, friendly atmosphere, and inviting members have encouraged this. Twenty-three people who went through our Discover Adventure luncheon joined our church.
Third, we began a much needed Foundations Class to remind and simply teach foundational doctrinal truths of the Bible. Ninety-two signed up and were a part of that class.
Fourth, we had a successful Trunk or Treat event in partnership with the Academy and Learning Center. Many of you helped serve and participate in this. We estimate we had around four hundred attend.
Fifth, we built a children’s and nursery ministry in an effort to care for our young families and to ensure we’ll be able to care for new families. This is the largest group of volunteers in a ministry within the walls of the church. From a Dad with four kids, I am grateful! Thank you for serving. Keep it up.
Sixth, we put great effort into keeping up our facility while being fiscally responsible. We have replaced many of our light bulbs with LEDs which last longer and use less energy. We have aggressively kept up with roof leaks so they don’t cause further damage – doing much of that work ourselves, saving thousands of dollars.

2018 was a year that God showed his faithfulness, yet again, as we began rebuilding Adventure Christian Church. Thank you for your faithfulness.

In Christ,
Sam Pepper, Lead Pastor

A Look Ahead to 2019

Dear Church,

I believe there are many good things in store for Adventure in 2019. The best days for our church lie ahead of us – not behind us. While there are many good things to look forward to for this year and beyond, here are a few highlights.

First, in January we began an eight month class on the book of Acts. We made this class available during 9:00 and 10:30 AM services to allow every person an opportunity to study either before or after their worship hour. Each week we average between 70-80 people in attendance. If you are not involved, I encourage you to go!
Second, we are in the early stages of planning some needed upgrades of our building. Carpet, paint, and small renovations are needed to provide an attractive and inviting building as we continue to strive to reach young families and grow.
Third, we are beginning to see growth in our children’s ministry. This is a great encouragement and important as we work to be a healthier multi-generational church. We will continue to work to grow this ministry and build a youth ministry as well.
Fourth, we are looking ahead at the need of hiring an associate minister that would be able to fulfill several different responsibilities. This role will be important as we look at the needs of our church and build on what we have.
Fifth, our leadership combed through our budget line by line. With proper planning, we cut unnecessary budget items and made many necessary updates. Overall our budget for 2019 is less than it was last year and was approved by the congregation with a vote of 100%. We also work hard behind the scenes to save money in equipment, maintenance and repairs. By purchasing our copiers, rather than continuing to lease them, we save $900 a month. By repairing leaks in the roof ourselves we have saved $15,000. Recently, we saved $1,000 by purchasing and installing fire alarm equipment ourselves, rather than doing this through the service company. Efforts like this save our church tens of thousands of dollars a year and show care and respect for your generosity in giving.


There are many great opportunities for growth and improvement at Adventure. And we need your help. I would like to challenge you in three ways for 2019.                  

Three challenges:

1) Worship faithfully. Continue to gather together, study together, and worship together. If you don’t attend regularly I encourage you to be faithful in this area. If you are not a part of a Bible study, I encourage you to get involved in one. The Acts class would be a great place to begin doing this.

2) Give generously. Many of you are faithful in this area. God calls us to give from the heart and to give generously. Giving is a part of worship. We honor God when we use the resources He gives us for purposes beyond ourselves. It can make an eternal difference.

3) Serve diligently. When we give our time and effort it shows we care. If you are not serving in a ministry or helping to meet a need, there is no better time to start than now. The needs are great. The opportunities are many.

God is faithful to us. Everyday is an opportunity for us to be faithful to Him. Let’s make 2019 a faithful and wonderful year for Adventure.

In Christ,
Sam Pepper, Lead Pastor

All Roads Lead to the Cross

Dear Church,

Years ago, the leaders at Adventure Christian Church were visionary. They began working to build some important ministries outside the walls of this church. These three ministries are the Academy, Learning Center, and Thrift Store. And they have grown and been a great benefit to our church and community.

The Academy, which sits on the north side of our campus, began in 2004 with only a handful of students. Today, enrollment has set a new record of 205 students! Each weekday our campus is teeming with young students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Classes, special electives, lunches, and after school sports make good use of our classrooms, playground, and gym. The energy is incredible, but so is the work. The Academy not only exists to provide a quality education in a Christian environment, but to point kids (and their families) to Jesus and get involved at our church. The Academy will pay its final loan off and be debt free by the end of this school year. Praise God! Dora Getford is the Director and is an involved member of our church.

The Learning Center, which is one mile away off Lane Park Road, began in 2010.  The Learning Center is for birth through VPK (although infants are cared for in the church nursery). Currently, the Learning Center has 90 children enrolled and a host of capable staff. They are filled to capacity! The Learning Center property is on five acres and is completely debt free. Pat Cusick is the Director and is an involved member of our church.

The Thrift Store is two miles away off State Road 19. This ministry began fourteen years ago and is staffed entirely by volunteers – most of whom are members of our church. There are fifty volunteers! The Thrift store exists solely to help support the Academy. It brings in about $70,000 a year. Over the last fourteen years it has brought in over $1 million for this cause. What a blessing!

These ministries continue to grow, strive towards excellence, and most importantly, point people to Jesus. No matter the ministry, all roads lead to the cross. If you would like to volunteer or get involved in a greater way in any of these ministries please contact us at the church office. Please pray for these ministries, their leaders, their staff, and the students that attend them. These are wonderful tools to impact our community for Christ.

In Christ,

Sam Pepper, Lead Pastor

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